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I am pursuing Master of Information Technology at the University of Auckland. I am also working as a Research Assistant at Auckland Bioengineering Institute. As a research assistant, I am responsible for web develeopment of an undergoing research. Prior to this, I had worked as a Project Engineer at Wipro Limited. As a part of my job, I was responsible for training the freshers who had recently came out of their colleges and joined Wipro.

I did my internship at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. I had great time there. I built an information systems software for the seaport at Grenada. We are live since 2014, after a lot of failures. Well, now I can proudly say, out of 200 odd countries, one country, however small it be, uses a software developed by me, for most of their port activities. Being the senior most intern, I had the opportunity to train 2 new interns. Prior to that, I did my internship at Navriti Technologies. I had a good time there. There I learnt a lot of new technologies used in web designing. This website is a result of the things which I learned during my internship at Navriti Technologies. Well there are lot of web designing techniques available, but in my opinion twitter bootstrap is the best amongst all of them. Our team was also building a learning management system for a school in Bangalore.

I am very passionate about the things I do. For me, every season adds a new passion, as for now its the manipulation of the large amount of data which are being generated daily & how to use it for our benifit. Computers shall always be a passion for me. Right from my childhood, I have been attracted by the possibilities of a computer. Its very exciting to make computer do your clerical job, and maintain records.


Some of the Projects I have worked on

Food Quality Checker

Grenada Port Authority

Young Mothers Mental Health

Online Quiz

Book Search Engine

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*Please email me at gautam.cusat@gmail.com to obtain my latest Work.


People whom I look up to.

  • My Father

    The Humblest Person...

    My papa is the first person whom I look up to as my inspiration since my childhood. He has achieved great things in his life till now and hope that he achieves anything he desire. In my short span of life, I have never seen such a workaholic person. The dedication he shows towards his work is the most inspiring thing. I hope that someday I would match his potential and make him proud.

  • My Brother

    Walking Encylopedia...

    My brother is the most brilliant person I have ever met in my life. He has been my mentor since my early childhood. He is a kind of person whom as I think knows everything and yet he is very down-to-earth. He is a kind of person who goes to his office on Sundays because he gets bored at home. Such dedication can be seen only in rare breed of human being and I am glad that my brother is one of them. I hope that someday I would match his potential and make him proud.

  • Thank You
    being there!

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Gautam Kumar

2/21 Adam Street


Auckland, 1051

Cell: +64 022 351 4635